Germany: Mosque backs down from minaret

Germany: Mosque backs down from minaret

German newspaper Stuttgarter Nachrichten reports that the Politically Incorrect site ,, serves as a focal point for the opposition to the Oberstenfeld mosque project.  Curiously, not only affected citizens, but people from all over Germany, post there.  The targets of their protest include spokesperson for the Free Voters Inge Zimmermann and Oberstenfeld mayor Reinhard Rosner.

The site calls on people to write letters in order to protest the plans of the Islamic community.  Zimmermann doesn't know how and why she came to be on this site, but says that today she got 48 emails, most of them vicious and below the belt.  The spokespeople of the other parties don't appear on the site.

The website quotes the Oberstenfeld CDU (Christian Democratic Union) who say they spoke against the scale of the mosque.  Spokesperson Wolfgang Streufert confirms this.  They think the people have enough prayer space in the current mosques and they're against the building of the mosque.

The discussions and anger about the plans of the Islamic Community are too much for Mustafa Kodal.  The head of the religious Muslims in Oberstenfeld and the vicinity is alarmed at the strong responses.  He says he was really surprised.  The Muslims in Oberstenfeld have a mosque since the 80s and there weren't problems then.

After the recent backlash the board and several members gathered on Saturday.  The situation had become unbearable and they had to do something, says Kodal.  They met with architect Wolfgang Kuhn and discussed removing the minaret.  Kodal says he doesn't like this step and that the minaret belongs in a mosque, but that keeping the peace with the citizens of Oberstenfeld is more important.  The Bottwar valley is home to many Muslims, and they want to stay here in peace.

Mustafa Kodal hopes that the disputes and smear campaign would end.  By sacrificing the minaret they're taking a step towards the critics and he thinks that it's possible to meet in the middle.  There will be an informative meeting on Tuesday, March 31, which is an important step in this direction.  The architect will be there, and though Kodal expects a lot of criticism, he thinks people will finally get to an agreement.

Source: Stuttgarter Nachrichten (German), h/t Politically Incorrect 1, 2

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