Rosengård: Third evening of arson

Rosengård: Third evening of arson

On Sunday emergency services responded to a trash-container fire in the Rosengård quarter of Malmö (Sweden) and were attacked by a large group of youth who thew eggs and empty cans at them.  Police were called in, but the youth disappeared once their ammunition ran out.

Police say the pattern often plays out: the youth set fire to something and then wait till the emergency services show up.

Fires were set also on Monday and Tuesday evening.  On Tuesday a group of youth attacked a Shell truck on Ramels väg.  The emergency services waited for police to asses the situation before daring to go in.

The police called in large forces.  The Agents retreated after meeting a group of masked youth.  Initial reports spoke of stone throwing, but later police spokesperson Calle Persson said that there were no reports of attacks against emergency services or police.

The police searched the streets using dogs and stopped two or three people.  The police drove them to other neighborhoods in the city.

Sources: SVT, Sydsvenskan (Swedish)

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