'Islam in Europe' on Press TV

'Islam in Europe' on Press TV

Iranian broadcaster Press TV quoted from my site recently, through EuropeNews.  My original article: Belgium: Dewinter, 'Islam is a predator', Press TV's summary below. 

Far-right Belgian politician Filip Dewinter has written an anti-Islam book, describing the region as modern Europe's main problem.

Head of the Flemish Vlaams Belang party Dewinter - who is known for his support of Islamophobia and alleged sympathy for Israel in the opposition - argues in the book that the influence of Islam in Europe should be stemmed and describes Islamophobia as "an obligation."

He says this could materialize by barring immigrants from Muslim nations from entering Europe and imposing strict controls on the residing Muslims.

The book titled Insha'Allah? The Islamization of Europe is to go on sale Monday, EuropeNews reported.

"The moderate Muslims are many but they are not relevant. The radical Muslims who have the mosques in their power are," the author was reported as saying earlier.

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