Amsterdam: Cut child benefits for rioters

Parents of rioting Moroccans who don't take responsibility should have their child benefits cut off. This is the plan alderman Lodewijk Asscher (finance) of Amsterdam conceived in the fight against the mess on the streets in Slotervaart. Three cars were again burnt down yesterday. Despite various calls by neighborhood mayor Marcouch, the police and the mosque, many parents have led their small criminals go out on the streets. And whoever don't listen must feel it, thinks Asscher, by having his child benefits cut.

The saved money would then go to a guardian accompanying the family.

According to Asscher several dozen families in the capital are considered for this. The politician had suggested the idea several years ago but with the current situation in Slotervaart, where groups of youth had caused disturbances the past few days, the urgency has increased.

Minister Guusje ter Horst (Internal Affairs) has answered in parliament Friday that they see the plan favorably and that there are other legal possibilities. "That is very good news, because we thought that a legal decision was was necessary for it," said Asscher. "But the law already allows to transfer the child benefits to somebody other than the parents if there's a reason for it. We must still consider it carefully, but if it works we can introduce it quickly."

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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