Netherlands: Right-wing radicalism more of a problem than Islamic radicalism

Dutch municipalities contend more often with right-wing radicalism than with Islamic radicalizing, according to a study by the COT Institute for Security and Crisis management by request of the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG).

Seventy five municipalities took part in the study.  In municipalities that reported incidents there were 27 cases of right-wing radicalism and 8 of Muslim radicalism.

Additionally the study reveals that municipalities have limited insight into the problems of radicalizing.  According to researchers this is understandable because the problems are very complex.

This is the first time that municipalities are surveyed about these problems.  Municipalities are especially in need of help in observing radicalization.  They also want information about project and regulation in the area of these problems.

Besides that, municipalities should be helped with clear guidelines from police and social authorities about handling radicalization.

Source: NRC (Dutch), h/t  Allochtonen Weblog

See also: "Lonsdale or djellaba still not evidence of radicalization" (VNG , Dutch)


Ferdy said...

Bullshit. Just plain bullshit.

They just don't recognize or do not want to recognize Islamic radicalism. But if school kid puts a dutch flag on their schoolbag he/she is directly labeled a radical.

Don't you know that nearly all Moroccan boys are in on or more police files?

Anonymous said...

I guess someone's never heard of profiling before.