Norway: Krekar linked to pro al-Qaeda

The web site, which is linked to pro al-Qaida web sites, is registered in the name of the wife of controversial mullah Krekar.

NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) reports that mullah Krekar, born Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, former leader of the Kurdish guerilla group Ansar al-Islam in Northern Iraq, runs several web sites from his Oslo apartment. is an Islamist news portal that reports on American setbacks in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as linking to sympathizers of the al-Qaida terrorist organization.

Despite being registered in his wife's name, Krekar told an Oslo court last month that he "in the name of God, did not know" who was behind the web site.

On Tuesday the Supreme Court will begin to determine whether an expulsion order for Krekar should be reconsidered. Four days have been set aside for this process.

NRK also reports that the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) is monitoring mullah Krekar's Internet activities. The PST considers Krekar a danger to national security, even if only indirectly.

"We must be prepared that a form of radicalization,including the support of violent Islamism, can also occur in Norway. We have some tendencies in this direction which we must take seriously, that young boys begin to waver and become dominated by a manipulative man," PST chief Jørn Holme said in a debate two weeks ago.

NRK claimed that his remark was a reference to Krekar, among others. NRK also reported that they had been in contact with several translators who had worked on but none would come forward "for fear of what might happen"

Source: Aftenposten (English)

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