Denmark: New Arab monthly

A new newspaper hit the streets this month that lets Denmark's Arabic population know what's going on in the country.

Al-Khabar is a free monthly publication that reports the Danish news in Arabic for the over 25,000 officially registered Arab speakers in Denmark. As an added bonus, the newspaper also contains a few pages of Arabic community news in Danish.

Kast Media, which owns and operates Turkish newspaper Haber in Denmark, will reportedly put out Al Khabar issues in October, November and December before assessing whether they will continue and how often they will print. October's print run was about 7000 copies.

Sadi Tekelioglu, Kast Media's managing director, told Nyhedsavisen newspaper he hopes Al Khabar can build a bridge between Danes and the Arab-speaking community.

'We also want to assist in the communication between immigrants with Arabic background and their children and their children's children,' said Tekelioglu.

Cengiz Kahraman, managing editor of both Al-Khabar and Haber, said the new newspaper is not Islamic and has no political or religious affiliations.

'The integration of Arabic residents here is a much more pressing issue than taking positions about what's going on in the Middle East,' he said.

Kahraman even went a step further and said the paper's staff would make a conscious effort to keep political discussions about the Arab world out of Al Khabar.

'We've made this decision intentionally and will insist on sticking to it,' said Kahraman. 'We instead want to focus on Arabs' daily lives and on our futures in Denmark.'

Source: Copenhagen Post (English)

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