Netherlands: High demand for "virgin pill"

Like a virgin.


Demand for the vaginal suppository which imitates bleeding on the wedding night as gone up enormously, says gynecologist Ineke Van Seumeren (63). She doesn't know by how much, but it began two weeks after she spoke about the so called "virgin pill" in newsletter of her employer, University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht newsletter.

The requests come from hospitals, colleges and sexual help centers, though the pill, also developed by her, exists since 2003. Immigrant women exclusively, use it to start their marriage as a "virgin" even though they aren't. Van Seumeren is still surprised the most by the media attention. "it's a hype. I think it comes by the attention for Islamic customs."

The vaginal suppository works quite simply. the pill contains red gelatin that once inserted becomes fluid after half an hour by the body's temperature.

"We pull the men's leg." Gynecologist Ven Seumeren is the first to admit. She prefers to see it differently. "It's absolutely not my intention to put the customs of another culture in a negative light," but she does think "that a young women must have command over her own body."

The need to start a marriage as a virgin is a social and cultural problem, thinks the gynecologist. "It has nothing to do with Islam. It says nowhere in the Koran that a woman must bleed on the wedding night." Besides she thinks it's at the least double morals that Muslims boy can "get experience".

Annually dozens of immigrant women prefer to upkeep the illusion. They ask for a hymen restoration operation. Half get the operation, because Van Seumeren also has limits. "I will not do a restoration operation if a woman is divorced, marries again, and wants to bleed again during the wedding night!" If Van Seumeren agrees, it's in the cases where the gynecologist fears for the welfare of the woman, as in the afraid, than I play along in the interests of the girl."

That women bleed on their first time of having sex is a myth, as it happens by barely 60%. The same goes for the idea that the hymen is broken by tampons. "That doesn't really happen."

The "virginity pill" that the doctor developed with an Amsterdam colleague in 2003, is prepared by the hospital pharmacy at UMC Utrecht. The pill is not freely obtainable, and is given out only after consultation with a gynecologist or doctor. "I myself also speak extensively to the young woman. Why does she want it? She knows after all that she's not a virgin anymore."

Not everybody is happy with the gynecologist's efforts. "I have really had many negative emails cc'd to Wilders. In which it said I shouldn't associate with Islam, and misuse tax money."

The gynecologists sighs. She'd rather see the old fashioned ideas and myths of virginity change from within the Muslim community itself.

Source: Spitsnet (Dutch)

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Anonymous said...

I would strongly suggest to this gynecologist to do some research instead of going by word of mouth, before talking about Islam and Koran.

It has nothing to do with bleeding. It's actually about premarital sex, which is forbidden in Islam - for both boys and girls. You can definitely find that in Koran.

"Boys can get experience" and "fake bleeding on the wedding night" are just excuses made up by the modern societies and cultures that call themselves muslims, but actually do not practice ideal Islam (just like any religion nowadays anyway).

Anonymous said...

I think these sort of things will continue as long as guys are not understanding, families are not understanding, and are stuck with their orthodox ideas!
People do have twists in their lives, we all have bad relationships - doesn't mean if you're not a virgin, you can't be a good wife, and vice versa! Hard core islamists/ other religious fanatics should understand this. Then these artificial surgical operations will stop.
If someone is ready to risk the side effects and go through all the pain and money for having this operation, it shows their plight - i surely don't blame them, but the people around them
Virginity should be determined by the purity of the mind, and the heart.

Anonymous said...

Can Somone pls tell me the pills name... Thanks