Netherlands: Study of immigrant love relationships

Of 2nd generation Moroccans, 21% have a relationship with an ethnic Dutch. With the Turks that's 14%. Antilleans have a Dutch partner the most often, by the second generation that's even 60%.

These are the first results of a large scale survey among minorites in the Netherlands done by the Social and Cultural Planning Office (Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau). The final results will be published in the annual integration report of 2007 coming out in the fall.

For the survey about a thousand talks were carried out per minority group (Turks, Moroccans, Surinamese and Antilleans). They were asked about all possible forms of love relationships, including marriage and living together.

From the survey it appears that Antillians don't have any children much more often than the other three immigrant groups. Many Moroccans are part of big families of five or more children.

Most immigrants were younger than 30 when they came to the Netherlands. Turks, Moroccans and Surinamese were on average 19 years old, Antillieans 21 years old.

Turks and Moroccans immigrated for work, family reunification or marriage. Surinamese often named studies as their motive and the political situation in their country, but also family reunification and coming with the parents. Antilleans immigrated especially for studying.

Source: Financieele Dagblad (Dutch) as seen on

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