Utrecht: Moroccan organizations against "assembly ban"

A dozen Moroccan youth organization demand that the so called "assembly ban" in the Kanaleiland neighborhood of Utrecht will be canceled immediately. In their letter to mayor Brouwer the organizations also ask what happened to the millions that had been put into the neighborhood, considering the problems continue undisturbed.

The assembly ban will go into effect tonight and include a group of a hard core of about 20 people and another 60 hanger-ons. This group may not from now on walk the street with more than 5 people. If members of this group do cause trouble they'll be fined with extra high fines and longer community service punishments.

Jamal Bakkich (Boeg) and Mohammed Osrouti (MMVE) think that Utrecht should treat all youth the same in Kanaleiland-Noord. Every youth that goes out should be looked at with suspicion. "Naturally the small group of ringleader and criminal youth should be dealt with in a tough manner. No mercy, everybody in the Moroccan community agrees about that." But, they add, the hangers-on and the big group of children that But let us intensively aim at the hangers-on and the big group of children and even more importantly, their parents.

Source: FOK (Dutch)

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