Netherlands: Muslim group wants correction on allegation of being radical

The Dutch Muslim Council (Nederlandse Moslim Raad, NMR) wants the NOVA program to correct the piece about the alleged radicalization of the NMS and the Dutch Muslim Broadcaster (NMO). NOVA had denounced this development in an October 11 broadcast.

The NMR has given the NOVA editors till October 25 to make the corrections, before taking further steps.

The scandal about the NMR and NMO was caused by a NOVA report about the merging of the NMO with the more conservative Dutch Islamic Broadcasting of the NMR. Nova had said about them that "The eight new members of the combined board currently consists exclusively of strict, Orthodox Muslims. A number of them should be followed by the AIVD. Yahia Bouyafa for example. He has close connections to the extremist Muslim Brotherhood.

The NMR is supported by a court decision in Amsterdam, who decided last week that De Telegraaf newspaper should print a correction about the allegations against Yahia Bouyafa, board member of the NMR, which were published August 4. [see here]. The newspaper headline was "More Muslim power" and the sub-heading was "Bouyafa, new consultation partner to the government, works on secret plans." According to NMR, NOVA had used the De Telegraaf article as a source for the program about the NMR and NMO.

The NOVA editors were not available for comment.

Source: World Journalisten (Dutch)

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