Denmark: CIA confirms Abu Talal's abduction

Michael Scheuer, CIA veteran and a major player in the CIA's rendition program, was interviewed by Danish newspaper Politiken about the kidnapping of Abu Talal, Egyptian-Danish asylum seeker.

The interview can be seen (in English) on the Politiken site.

The Danish media is in an uproar about Scheuer's supposed admission that the CIA had notified the Danish authorities of the kidnapping, but he does hold himself back from making an actual admission.


Abu Talal was a high ranking member of al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya in Egypt. He fled Egypt to Pakistan in 1982 after being sentenced to seven years for supposedly taking part in the assassination of president Anwar el-Sadat. In 1992 he was sentenced to death in absentia by an Egyptian court, after which he fled to Denmark.

In spite of protests from Egypt and an Interpol arrest warrant, he was granted asylum in 1995. He flew to Croatia in that year and was arrested by the Croatian authorities. Abu Talal was then supposedly handed over to US authorities, who handed him over to Egypt who executed him.

According to Abu Talal's wife, who lives in Denmark with their six children, he intended to write a book about the conflict between Croatia and Bosnia and was just there to do some research.

Source: Danish Jihad - a study

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