Denmark: Asylum offer to Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, former Dutch parliament member and Islam critic, had recently returned to the Netherlands since the Dutch gov't refused to continue paying for her security. More on the story can be found on Klein Verzet's site.

Hirsi Ali is apparently back in the US with privately-funded protection, but meanwhile she had also gotten an offer from a Danish deputy-mayor, offering her refuge in Denmark.


The Danish city of Odense is considering offering Ayaan Hirsi Ali safe shelter, says deputy mayor Alex Ahrendtsen. Hirsi Ali's spokesperson said the offer will be passed on to Hirsi Ali.

Ahrendtsen came out with his idea based on a law bill which says Denmark will designate places where threatened "free thinkers" can seek refuge [ Cities to be safe havens for persecuted authors (English)]. The local politicians in Odense have already decided that the city must become such a safe haven. "I thought: why don't we start ambitiously and invite the woman who had suffered the most for freedom of expression," says Ahrendtsen.

It's not yet known if the Odense city council supports the proposal to invite Hirsi Ali. The mayor will not comment before the Danish parliament adopts the bill of "free ports".

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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