Norway: Prisoners convert to Islam to protest lack of halal food

A dietary conflict at Ringerike Prison has provoked inmates to convert to Islam.

Several prisoners have demonstrated their sympathies with Muslim inmates by religious conversion after authorities refused to supply halal meat during Ramadan, NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) reports.

An anonymous inmate told NRK that the support of fellow prisoners was appreciated, but others had expressed a desire that the conversions could have occurred due to the message of Islam rather than as a protest.

The protest began when prison officials refused to supply meat slaughtered according to Islamic law during Ramadan, the Muslim month of daily fasting.

Last year the Muslim prisoners received halal meat, but this year it was deemed too large an expense.

Source: Aftenposten (English)


Anonymous said...

Islam appeals to convists. They can continue their crimes with allah's approval.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They come into prison a Jew a Christian a Hindu or even an atheist for a crime they may or may have not committed, but in the depths of darkness they find something that gives them strength and knowledge. They stop their drug and alcohol habit and believe me these are easier to obtain in prison, they stop cursing, they give respect when respect is given to them. So Islam appeals to them so they can become better men and women, by the will of Allah.

Anonymous said...

Criminals are attracted to a religion that allows them to exert the same antisaocial behaviour they had before but within an institutionally violent structure. It is no surprize that prisons are a place for converts to islam.

Unknown said...

the people those who will not to know the truth will never find it!They can not even listen to logical explanations.
Dear anonymous!!! You are just a headstrong islamophobe that never would be guided to the right path.
your brains are small as like as your points of view!