Italy: City allows burka

A row has broken out in Italy over the wearing of the burka after the prefect of a city in the north-east announced he was permitting it, despite legislation outlawing any clothing that stops the wearer being recognised. Vittorio Capocelli, the prefect of Treviso, near Venice, made his ruling after meeting immigrants' representatives. He said women who sought to wear the burka for religious reasons were free to do so, but would have to reveal their features if asked to do so for the purposes of identification.

Source: Guardian (English)


Anonymous said...

We live in an open society yet we allow people to walk around wearing masks. Criminals and people who have something to hide wear masks. Otherwise it is a symbol of female oppression.
If people want to wear something for religious purposes then they should leave the open society and go to one where oppression is legal.

FreeSpeech said...

and in France an innkeeper is sentenced over Muslim headscarf demand

Actually she is not an inkeeper, she ran a rural guesthouse - gîte - as can be read on the french reports.

The plaintiffs were supported by Ligue des droits de l'homme (LDH), à la Licra et au Mrap - Europe offers all the help it can to bury laicity.

In France, where the scarf is forbidden in public places, you now can't forbid the scarf in your own house.

FreeSpeech said...

sorry that should be

"Ligue des droits de l'homme (LDH), Licra and Mrap"