Hague: Too many foreigners

About 60% of city residents, regardless of ethnic background, think that the number of foreigners in the city is too high.

By Turks this feeling is greatest: 73% of Turks think that the number of foreigners in the city is too big. By Dutch 58% think so and by Moroccans and Surinamese 53%.

This according to a yearly survey of city residents by the municipality. The surveyors also checked how people felt about their own neighborhoods.

Dutch in The Hague were considerably less dissatisfied: Just 26% thought the number of immigrants in the neighborhood was too high.

Immigrants in The Hague had less problems when it came to their own neighborhoods. 48% of Moroccans and 56% of Turks in the capital thought there were too many people "of foreign origin" living in their neighborhood.

It is striking that the number of Turks and Moroccans who are disturbed by foreigners in their neighborhood has gone down compared to previous years, while the number of Dutch who have problems with it has gone up.

In 2004, 65% of Moroccans in The Hague thought there were too many foreigners in the neighborhood. By Turks that was then 68%. Just 14% of Dutch agreed back then.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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