Denmark: Missing evidence in terror trial

An important piece of evidence in the terrorism case from Odense is missing.  Police informant Lars was taping with a tape recorder on his belt when one of the suspects, nicknamed Iraq-Ahmad, said that the group was "ready" to produce a bomb.

Or rather: Lars says that he taped it, but the tape can't be found in any of the many evidence folders.

"I gave the tape to the PET [Danish Security Intelligence Service].  I know that a tape is missing, but I don't know if this is the tape with the recording," said Lars Tuesday in court.

The statements by Iraq-Ahmad were said, according to Lars, in the mosque at Ørbækvej. Out in the parking lot Iraq-Ahmad told Lars, however, that the the plan was scraped.  That last statement was documented, since it was picked up by the listening equipment in the agent's car.

Source: Berlingske Tidende (Danish)

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