Terrorism update

Several terrorism stories.

Brussels: Trial of terrorist recruiters

In the court in Brussels the trial will commence today of six people suspected of recruiting Muslim fighters in Belgium. One of those, a Belgian woman, blew herself up two years ago in Iraq.The six are suspected of training 38-year-old Muriel Degauque and possibly other fighters.

The Belgian Muslim militant carried out a suicide attack on American soldiers on November 9, 2005. The explosives went off ahead of plan and she was the only one who died. One American soldier was wounded.


Madrid: Terrorists attempted to blow up high court

The trial of 30 Al-Qaeda-inspired Islamic extremists who allegedly planned to detonate a truck packed with explosives outside Spain's high court in Madrid and other buildings began Monday.

Public prosecutors are demanding prison sentences of between two and 46 years for the mostly Algerian defendants, charged with belonging to a terrorist organization, conspiracy to commit a terrorist attack and forgery.

The suspected ringleader -- Abderrahman Tahiri, alias Mohamed Achraf -- is believed to have set up four cells since 2000, known as the "Martyrs for Morocco", to stage attacks in Spain, often with recruits he met while in jail.

Prosecutors believe Tahiri planned to crash a truck loaded with 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds) of explosives against the Audencia Nacional, Spain's national high court and nerve centre for investigating terrorism.


Amsterdam: Man who attacks police was connected to Hofstad group

The man, who was shot by a police officer at the police station of the Amsterdam district Slotervaart and died shortly afterwards on Sunday, was in contact with members of the Hofstad terrorist organisation in 2005. It was Bilal B., a man of Moroccan descent living in Amsterdam. Chief public prosecutor Leo de Wit said this at a press conference on Monday.

The police and the General Intelligence and Security Service, AIVD had had consultations about Bilal B's contacts with the Hofstad group, according to De Wit. "Several members of the Hofstad group were detained on 14 October 2005, two years ago yesterday. Bilal was heard as a witness and was scrutinised by the police. In October 2005, the public prosecutor discussed the possibility to 'disturb' Bilal B. but eventually it was decided that there was no reason for this at that moment."


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