Belgium: University students want halal food

Halal food is already available at some Dutch universities. 

Students of ethnic background at Leuven University are not pleased that halal food is still not available in the student cafeterias, but the Alma chain that operates the facilities is not willing to adapt their menus. De Morgen reports this on Tuesday.

"It is not that we are not open to halal meals," says Kris Van Gool of Alma, "but the market is simply too small. There are so few students of ethnic background at the moment that it is very possible that we would have to throw out eight in ten of the meals that we would prepare."

Halal meals are not yet available at other universities in the country either, according to a survey.

Source: Expatica (English)


Anonymous said...

Halal meat is disgusting. The law using scientific opinion states that the most humane way of killing an animal is to stun it first. If that is the law then it should be applied equally to everyone. No exceptions to the law.

Anonymous said...

Agreed to the above. Halal could be unethical and to allow something unethical simply by consensus is off the tables. One cannot expect a society to revert in developments off animal treatment that others have had to accept simply in order to facilitate your religious practices.

Anonymous said...

can't they just bring their lunch?

Anonymous said...

what about Kosher low "Jewish" fools?
is it unethical ass licker?

Anonymous said...

What a stupid, racist comment. Its the law. It should be applied equally to EVERYONE. Is that clear???

Admin said...

Why not!! Halal foods must be there!!
You Europeans say that you have given the right for everybody but can you see you are not giving us the right even for our meal!!!
What a shame on you!!!
"It is time for you to understand the beauty of Islam and Repent before Death"

Mark Tapson said...

Abu-Muhammed, no one is denying you your "right" to a meal, though you Muslims like to jump on any excuse to make demands and claim discrimination. Did you not read the article? The food provider explained that the market for halal food is simply too small, so it's pointless and wasteful. So quit declaring "shame" on us, and bring food from home.

In a democracy, Abu-Muhammed, everything's not about YOU and satisfying your every DEMAND, though that is certainly the Muslim agenda in the West.

Anonymous said...

I cant understand....DUTCH!

We in UK provide halal for these Moslims in many of our universities! even though they are in minor! It really is shame us...Im afraid to say. Rights are rights. We get our rights and they get their rights...

End of comments.

Thank you