Netherlands: Terrorist or schizophrenic

There's a lot of discussion now about Bilal B. and his mental illness. Here are two more facts to add to the mix:

1. Dutch Moroccan males are six times more at risk of being schizophrenic than ethnic Dutch males. Second generation Moroccans are at a risk 11 times that of ethnic Dutch. ( Dutch study: why are Moroccans schizophrenic)

2. One of Bilal's sisters is married to one of Samir Azzouz's uncle, Azzouz being a very well known Dutch-Moroccan terrorist. (Source: Volkskrant, Dutch)

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Ferdy said...

I guess the question is rather if the terrorist is also schizophrenic. Which seems unlikely after declarations of the mental institution who seem to indicate he is rather suicidal. Which is clearly compatible with the fact he is a suicide terrorist.

It rather looks like that the family rather did not want him sacrificed in the jihad and thus let him declare mentally instable. Let somebodies other kid, pay the price.

As his brother is also a radical and his sister is married with an uncle of an other terrorist. It all seems to indicate that the family is very religious and does not practice a very moderate form (does it exist?) of Islam.

Esther said...

You could also theorize that his family wanted him out of the way...

Having a mentally ill person in the family is not easy, especially not in a traditional family. His father did not live at home,living in Morocco (apparently) instead. Maybe because he wasn't proud of his family?

Btw, I'm not sure suicide terrorists are suicidal. They are brainwashed into believing that they're dying for a cause.

Ferdy said...

They say the kid was smart and had good results at school. That does not sound like a mentally ill person to be ashamed of. But if he wasn't you could be right, but that could make him only a schizophrenic terrorist.

To me it's just to much coincidence that his sister married the uncle of an other known terrorist (she could be the judge of the family!) and that his brother is a terrorist as well. This hardly can be expected to be liberal family, much more likely they are religious zealots (which is not that uncommon either under Islamic believers).

And you're of course right that
a suicide terrorist is not really suicidal. They are believers, believers in a cause bigger than them selves.

But to people who don't want to see the cause or just can't imagine that people can believe stuff like that. It easily looks like a suicide wish of a mentally ill person.

It's also a very political correct solution to a problem that "does not exists".

Anonymous said...

Apparently it is a mix between nature ,nurture and culture.

A similar case where the religious component is downplayed: