Denmark: Odense's offer to Hirsi Ali unrealistic

Odense's deputy-mayor's offer to give Somali-Dutch author Ayaan Hirsi Ali shelter had reached the Netherlands. Several Dutch media reported Tuesday that Alex Ahrendtsen wants to offer the Islam-critical politician and author to take refuge in Odense using an arrangement for persecuted authors.

But Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not qualified for the scheme, explains Mille Rode, administrator of PEN in Denmark [PEN is the international association of writers]. Only those authors who appear on International PEN's list of persecuted authors are eligible and Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not on the list.

Mille Rode says that Hirsi Ali had spoken up as a politician and not as an author, and also, as far as he knows she herself did not ask to be considered for the asylum scheme.

Source: Berlingske Tidende (Danish)

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Anonymous said...

Unrealistic yes, because Hirsi Ali had expressed only one wish: to go back to the USA a.s.a.p.
Had she wanted to come to Denmark, and had she wished to be helped from PEN, she had indeed been most welcome.