Jerusalem Grand Mufti condemns Danish People's Party

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem condemns the Danish People's Party for referring to the controversial caricatures in the election campaign.

In a press release the Grand Mufti called the Danish People's Party use of the caricatures both "uncivilized" and "hateful".

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in the highest religious authority for Muslims in the Palestinian Authority.

By reason of Jerusalem's special position as Islam's third holiest city, his word carries weight through the Muslim world, when he urges both Arab and Muslim countries "not to remain silent".

The Grand Mufti, Sheikh Husseini, called in his press upon the Danish government to immediately stop what he called the Danish People's Party "illegal activities".

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem adds his protest to the one made yesterday by the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). The OIC had said that the Danish People's Party's only aim was to spark hate against a group of citizens in Denmark and that their conduct was irresponsible.

The Danish Representative Office to the Palestinian Authority warned all Danes in the PA yesterday that the Grand Mufti's word can have consequences in the coming days, not least at the Friday prayers.

Meanwhile no Danes have reported any consequences of the Grand Mufti's condemnation to the Representative Office.

Source: Politiken (Danish)

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VinceP1974 said...

Fuck the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

Fatso said...

Maybe the Grand Mufti should turn his attentions to Iran and demand they pull down their vile anti-Western and Ant-Semetic posters on buildings and in the street!

Otherwsise Mr. Grand Mufti: "Go boil your head"!

Anonymous said...

If I was the Grand Mufti I would be slandering the DPP too, considering DPP gained votes and another seat in the parliament again. Let's hope the DPP soon rules the Danish parliament and we are relieved of our little troublemakers.