Netherlands: More immigrants leaving cities than moving in

The number of non-European immigrants that coming to the major cities in the past years has been decreasing, while a growing number of immigrants have been leaving the cities. In 2006 there were more immigrants leaving than coming, according to data from the Dutch statistics bureau(CBS). In The Hague the difference was almost 1000 people.

In 1990, 21,000 more non-western immigrants moved into the four major cities, than left. In 2000 that was 13,000. Last year there were more than 3,000 more immigrants who left than moved in.

The Central Bureau of Statistics is speaking of a trend change. According to Jan Latten of the CBS possible causes are a less tolerant climate, restriction on immigration and the worsening economic situation in the past few years.

Many young Turks and Moroccans are leaving the Netherlands. They go not only back to their parents homeland, but emigrate also to the US or other western countries. According to Latten it's especially the better educated, cosmopolitan people who seek countries where it's easy to find a good-paying job.

The flood of Poles of the last years is not having much influence on the population composition. This group is employed in the West but in general still lives in Poland.

Source: Info Thuis (Dutch)

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