Denmark: Gov't offers Hirsi Ali asylum

The culture minister has made a public offer of asylum to persecuted Dutch-Somali author Hirsi Ali      
Brian Mikkelsen, the Danish culture minister, has indicated the government  would be willing to allow outspoken Dutch-Somali author Ayaan Hirsi Ali to live  in Denmark under its protection from fanatical Muslims seeking to kill her.  

Over the weekend Mikkelsen sent out a request to the country's municipalities  to invite the threatened author and filmmaker to live here. The move is  supported by a recent parliament proposal to establish several 'free cities' for  persecuted writers, a programme to be created with the support of the  International City of Refuge Network.

'Ayaan Hirsi Ali will be number one on the list of authors we should invite  to Denmark,' Mikkelsen announced  on Sunday. 'She has fought for the  freedom of expression and has personally received threats on her life.'

Ali became targeted by the fundamental Muslim community in 2004 after she  wrote the manuscript to the short film 'Submission', whose message strongly  criticised the treatment of women living under Islamic fundamentalism. The  film's Dutch director, Theo van Gogh, was murdered by a Muslim fanatic after the  film's release.

Ali had been under Dutch protection until last week, but the Netherlands'  parliament withdrew her official protected status because she has been living in  the United States.

Mikkelsen said the government would be willing to pay all the expenses  relating to Ali's residence in Denmark.

'It's obvious the protection of Hirsi Ali would be a substantial expense,' he  said. 'But we have to view that from a positive standpoint.'

Mikkelsen's invitation is expected to receive broad backing from parliament  members

Source: Copenhagen Post (English)

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