Rotterdam: Turkish at local council meetings

Rotterdam neighborhood councillor Marijke Goedegebuur has had it. Again this week it has happened to her that at the beginning, recesses and during council meetings in Feijenoord groups of councillors spoke Turkish. She says it's outrageous and that the Dutch councillors stand aside like footnotes.

Minister Wouter Bos, who was in Feijenoor last week, expressed his disapproval.

Goedegebuur: "I think it's so impolite. It's than just as if they discuss something that you may not know about. Other councillor are regularly excluded." The neighborhood council member spoke to her Turkish colleagues. "We have as politicians a duty to show an example. It is also not good for the integration and naturalization. But I was simply laughed at."

Neighborhood chairman Dagmar Oudshoorn has meanwhile decided that the tricky subject would be a subject for discussion in the party chairmans deliberations in the beginning of December.

Source: AD (Dutch) h/t Klein Verzet

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