Rotterdam: Vaccination discount

The Rotterdam health services (GGD) are offering a special price for Muslims coming in for vaccinations before their trip to Mecca.

The VVD party says that the special Mecca hours of the GGD are 'positive discrimination' and a 'religiously oriented subsidy'. Pilgrims can receive an 8 euro discount on vaccinations during Mecca business hours and pay 45 euro instead of the regular 53, surgical mask included.

"Why do we give a discount to religious groups?", asked Bas van Tijn in the municipality meeting. Leefbaar Rotterdam has also complained saying it conflicts with the separation of church and state.

According to alderman Hamit Karakus the subsidy is not related to Muslims. "It's a group discount. Anybody who comes with 20 people or more gets a discount on the vaccination." He so, he continued joking towards Leefbaar Rotterdam and the VVD: "These people are favored by nobody except Allah."

Source: AD (Dutch)

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