Morocco: First Arab university to offer Dutch courses

Morocco is the first Arab country to offer Dutch on a university level. In January 2008 the humanities faculty of the Hassan II university in Casablanca will start the first Dutch classes. The lessons are meant for the university students. The project is co-financed by the Nederlandse Taalunie (Dutch Language Union).

North Africa and the Arab world have been "blind spots" on the map till now, according to Marc le Clercq, of the Dutch Language Union, an organization in which the Netherlands, Flanders and Suriname work together on language policy. Currently Dutch is taught in 200 universities in 40 countries where Dutch is not spoken.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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Anonymous said...

Morocco becomes more developed country, it develops its economic, politic, social relations. This country does a big step in developing international cooperations. So, that is why Morocco is the first Arab country, which offers Dutch courses.