Germany: Imams on patrol

The West German state North-Rhineland-Westphalia will bring in imams in the fight against criminality among Muslim youth.  The spiritual leaders will go on patrol with police agents.

Imams must also visit family of young Muslims who get into trouble more often, argued the government envoy in charge of integration.  According to the envoy many Muslim youth do not recognize the police as an authority, but do have respect for the imam.  The city of Essen already has positive experience with the so called "security partnership", reports German media.

Source: Nieuw Nieuws (Dutch)


personalrep1 said...
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Anonymous said...

This is exactly what they want.

First they burn cars, then you have a mosque.

This is the djihad, this is the zizani.

They will continue until they will rule by sharia.

They must go.