Belgium: Drop in conversions to Islam

The number of conversions to Islam in Belgium is in decline.  While the average is estimated to be 1,000-1,2000 a year, it came to a total of 500-600 conversions during the past 12 months.

Karim Geirnaert, who coordinates conversions in Wallonia and Brussels, explains this 'slowdown' saying that Islam was not spoken about as much last year.

Source: Le Vif/L'Express (French)


Anonymous said...

Duh. It's not just me, but it's every Muslim apostate who believes that Islam is its own worst enemy. Once people see the real Islam they want nothing to do with it. I wasn't aware that anyone converted to Islam outside of prison anyway, except maybe a few ex-con soon-recidivists. Islam attracts bad people. I like what that says about Belgium, who I get the impression are Islam's biggest appeasers in Europe (and the most post-Judeo-Christian as well), although the UK is fast heading into dhimmitude.

Esther said...

Hi jdamn13,

There are many converts to Islam among Westerners.

Hanz said...

Peace for everybody,
I am just commenting on the topic, not on jdamn13's comment.

ALLAH guides whoever he want, and mis-guide whoever he want. So, if number of muslims increases or decreases, it does do anything with Islam and its high morals in life.

May ALLAH guide all ppl to the best for them

FreeSpeech said...

Information has it's effect. Great.

Anonymous said...

The pool of convertible people is reducing fast.
Mainly converts are from political extremists (left and right), misfits, inmates and a few women that marry Muslims (or men marrying muslim women).
But, as the image of the muslims is worsening as more things are know about them and their religion, the appeal to convert is lowering.

Esther said...

Hi extropolitca,

It goes the other way around. The more bad things you say about Islam, the more converts there are. This is the reason that "islam is not in the news" is a reason for a drop in converts.

Anonymous said...

Esther, there are Western converts, but let's be real here. Almost all of them are convicted criminals or soon-too-be convicted criminals. And the rest are either morons who will get sucked into any cult that proselytizes them, or Christian fundamentalists looking for something even more backward, hateful, and supremacist, that allows them to completely discard the Golden Rule and bomb abortion clinics with the approval of scripture. Islam attracts bad people and idiots. Always has, always will.

I also have to disagree with you that telling the truth about Islam instead of furthering the rosy picture painted by CAIR and the Saudis ups the number of converts. Some people, like Yvonne Ridley, may be reasonably intelligent folks who get sucked into the "brotherhood" (cult) atmosphere, and then end up in over their heads because Islam forces you to put forth so much effort that people feel that it must be worth it.
#s 3, 12, and 15

I had no idea how sick Islam was until I did some research on my own. You don't read about it in the MSM. I started looking into it because I assumed, as is normally the case, that my stereotypes and prejudices were based on my own ignorance regarding it, but what I discovered blew my mind (hence my depressing obsession) with its pure, unadulterated evil and backwardness, particularly the violence that Muslims carry out against each other in their own families, let alone what they want to do to us. If it weren't for people like Ali Sina, Abul Kasem, Ibn Warraq, Nonie Darwish, Robert Spencer, and Wafa Sultan, etc. "say[ing] bad things" I would still have my head up my ass.

Esther said...

Hi jdamn13,

I'll repeat this one last time - please do not use my blog as a platform for "Islam is the worst religion" posts. If you have anything else to comment on the article, please do.

Regarding the subject, to be realistic, please bring data. The bottom line of all studies on converts to Islam that I've seen is that Islam is seen as (a) a misunderstood religion / scapegoat and (b) an alternative to western liberalism and materialism.

It attracts those people who don't like society to begin with.

Everytime the media goes on a frenzy against Islam - it attracts more converts. That is a fact. In the case of Belgium, after 9/11 there was a significant increase in converts.

Snake Oil Baron said...

"ALLAH guides whoever he want, and mis-guide whoever he want."

Yes, Allah is quite proud of his role as deceiver of men from his "true path" (just for kicks apparently) so that he can drag them into Hell and personally torture them for eternity. The Koran is quite clear about that.

Snake Oil Baron said...

"So, if number of muslims increases or decreases, it does do anything with Islam and its high morals in life."

Would that be the high morals that the "Prophet" exhibited when he was consummating a marriage with a nine-year-old girl or those which were on display when he silently watched as his followers beat a slave or when he taunted the relatives of those he had massacred when they tried to protect their caravan or those which lead him to engage in scores of acts of unprovoked piracy.

Or maybe you mean the high morals that were displayed when the Arabians imposed Islam on the world at sword point and crafted different laws for different classes of people based on preference for Islam.

Or maybe you mean today's morals which never lead to honor killings or killing homosexuals and apostates and have made the Islamic world the paradise it is today.