Denmark: Terrorism case to be reopened

The Vollsmose, Odense, terrorism case will now be brought to the Special Court of Indictment and Revision, after a book titled "Terrorsagen fra Vollsmose" ("the terrorism case from Vollsmose") which will be published Tuesday reveals new information.  The book was written by Kaare Gotfredsen of TV2 News.

The three men sentenced in the case had given an order form to agent Lars, who had infiltrated the group.  He was asked to buy potassium nitrate, which is unfit for bomb making.  Instead he bought ammonium nitrate, which is extremely useful for bombs.

Both the order form with potassium nitrate and the receipt for buying ammonium nitrate were displayed during the court case, but the connection between them was not explained.

Mads Skak Jensen is one of Denmark's foremost experts in home-made explosives.  He says that the two chemicals are very different.

Potassium nitrate can't be used for bomb manufacturing.  It's typically used to produce fireworks.  Ammonium nitrate, on the other hand, is the choice for homemade bombs.  He says it's immensely effective in making bombs.

Mohaammad Zaher got 12 years in jail and his lawyer, Henrik Dupont Jørgensen, will now submit a petition to the Special Court of Indictment and Revision in order to appeal the case.

Henrik Dupont Jørgensen says that they were never told that the material on the order form was not dangerous, and had the whole time assumed and were told that all the chemicals being discussed could have been used in a bomb.

The defense lawyer for Ahmad Khaldhani, Bjørn Elmquist, who also received 12 years in prison, also wants to appeal the case.

Professor Eva Smith from Copenhagen University thinks that the police agent had possibly provoked and worsened the planned crime.

The Danish Security Service, PET, did not want to comment, saying that the case had already been through the high court and supreme court.

Source: TV2 (Danish)

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