Sarajevo: Green pavements deemed “provocation”

The Croatia Libertas NGO says that the decision to paint pavements in Sarajevo in green is pure provocation.

(green sidewalks, Bosnia News)

The non-governmental organization stated that the painted pavements were a clear message from Muslims to all the city’s other residents that Sarajevo was not the capital city of Bosnia-Herzegovina, but an ethnically Bosniak capital.

“This is a message of intolerance and a perfidious scene of ethnic cleansing that was preconceived as a way to drive away people of other ethnicities and religions living in Sarajevo,” said NGO President Leo Pločkinić.

He said that nowhere in the world were streets and pavements painted green—the color traditionally linked with Islam—not even in Tehran.

“It is clear that Sarajevo wants to be a greater Tehran than the capital city of the Islamic Republic of Iran itself,” Pločkinić surmised.

Sarajevo Mayor Semiha Borovac said that painting the pavements and streets green would be good for the city, because the city lacked greenery.

Source: B92 (English), h/t Weasel Zippers

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FreeSpeech said...

On the contrary, this is anti-islamic. You can trample the colour of Islam.

Anonymous said...

You can also take your dog for a walk down it and let him do his business. You can also spit on it or pour bacon grease on it. In New York or Rome they would just pee on it.