CR: TV station fined for Islamophobia

This article was only available in Czech, and its translation is heavily based on Google.


Czech TV Nova was fined 100,000 korunas by the Council for Radio and Television for broadcasting xenophobic and Islamophobic content. 

The station broadcast a report about Syrian Mohamed Fahed, who had killed his Czech common-law wife in Zelesice, near Brno (see here and here for more on the incident).  Fahed had said that where he came from, the Kurdish areas of Syria, a man was allowed to kill his wife.  The reporter said that in Syria there's Sharia law, which allows a husband to kill an unfaithful wife. 

The Brno Muslim community complained to the Council, which decided that the report was xenophobic and Islamophobic, misleading regarding Islamic law.  According to the council Syria is not run by Sharia law, and in any case Sharia law does not allow a husband to take justice into his own hands.

Nova denies the allegations and will go to court.

Source: iDNES (Czech)


Jay said...

Hi, it was Fahed who said that according to the sharia man can kill his unfaithful wife, and the reporter just repeated it. That's what the article says. No "islamobofobia" at all, just cowardness and submission (islam).

Esther said...

Hi Victorius,

You speak Czech?

The way I understood it, there's a difference between saying "X said something" and saying "X said something and this is true". If the killer would have said that God told him to kill her, there would be a difference between saying "The killer said God told him to do it" and "God told the killer to do it." What was the case in this story?

Jay said...

Hi, yes, I do speak Czech.

What the murderer said (according to the article) was: "In our mountains when woman is debasing the man, he has the right to kill her".

What the reporter said is, "Sharia in Syria allows the killing of unfaithfull woman".

Which is true. More, killings between family members are not punished by the sharia, because the "punishment" for killing is not legaly punishment in islamic law, but the revenge, as stated in koran and sharia lawbooks. Revenge between family members in clan society does not make much sense.

Our muslims did not complain that what the reporter said is not true (except for one, who has been spreading the lies that I am being paid by the Jews), instead they claimed that Syria is formaly ruled by secular law. In another TV discussion on of them refused to answer the question wheather sharia allows to kill unfaithfull woman.

It's a PR action led by a Czech convert to islam who used to be a radical muslim, today he is just a lier and useful idiot not respected even by Czech muslims, who prefer less publicity and stealth methods of Muslim brotherhood.

Hope that clarifies it a bit.

Esther said...

Hi Victorius,

Thanks for the info. I'm also glad to get confirmation on what I wrote.

Anyway, it's true that Syria does not have Sharia law, but their secular penal code states:

"He who catches his wife or one of his ascendants, descendants or sister committing adultery (flagrante delicto) or illegitimate sexual acts with another and he killed or injured one or both of them benefits from an exemption of penalty." (wiki)

Jay said...

Thats exactly what sharia says, see for example Umdat al-Salik (Reliance of the Traveller in English, ISBN 0915957728), paragraph o1.2

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