Italy: Islam, Islamism and Jihadism

An article by Lorenzo Vidino on Islam, Islamism and Jihadism in Italy on the Counter Terrorism Blog.

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Anonymous said...

I finally got around to reading this essay, and it was petty interesting. The Italian Muslims, according to the essay, don't have the same grounding as Muslims in, say, France, because their population is newer. It also says that it's because Muslims aren't tied to Italy the way Moroccans or Algerians are to France or Pakistanis to Britain, which made no sense because Italy colonized Eritrea, Libya, and Ethiopia, evidently far less effectively, an for a much shorter period of time (the Mussolini administration, most of which he spent in hiding in Salo` after the South seceded). Italy refuses to recognize Islam as an official religion, not because it simply isn't a religion, as I've said here many times, but because the community can't find a representative, and every time they do manage to organize a council to represent the Italian Muslims, they end up with some wackjobs on it who decide to be good Muslims, actually represent their population, and openly endorse violence and genocide. The official recognition of Israel was another sticking point.

This is not a new, Lega Nord thing, either. It's 15 years now that they've been trying to get representation in Italy, but it's hard to find a group that actually represents Muslims who won't condemn violence and genocide. I think the rest of us could learn a lot from the Italians. We could simply demand from the Muslim population that they humanize themselves, which is not asking anything at all. I would then suggest taking it a step further and implementing Kasem's 8-point plan:

They seem to be doing a decent job monitoring terrorists, too, which is important, since most terrorist networks dream of taking down Rome.

What I was left wondering was, what about all the Albanians? They've been coming to Italy for decades, and yet the article hardly mentioned them. They must not cause much of a stir or assimilate themselves pretty well, and view Islam as a more of a personal creed than a political ideology.