Norway: Still waiting

The Norwegian Islamic Council, a radical Islamic group, has no problems stating its opinions on various matters.  However, when it comes to how European Muslims view the death penalty for homosexuals, a question which had gotten Norwegians up in arms, they are waiting for the European Fatwa Council, yet another radical Islamic group.     


The Norwegian Islamic Council is still waiting for a reply from the European Fatwa Council before it decides whether or not it is in favour of the death penalty for homosexuality. "Unacceptable," says lesbian Sara Asmeh Rasmussen.

Last November the Norwegian Islamic Council asked the European fatwa council what attitude it should have to homosexuals.

The fatwa council, which debates questions of Muslim faith and doctrine, had its annual meeting in Paris three weeks ago, but did not discuss the subject, according to daily newspaper Dagsavisen.

"It's wrong of the Islamic Council to wait for the "verdict" from the fatwa council in such an important case. By not saying 'no' to death penalties for gays, it shows attitudes that conflict with both democratic and humanitarian values," says Sara Azmeh Rasmussen. She is the only openly lesbian Muslim in Norway.

The head of the Norwegian Islamic Council, Senaid Kobilica, is not worried that the fatwa council will decide in favour of the death penalty. "I'm 100 percent certain that the fatwa council will not come out in favour something which conflicts with European law. The council wasn't able to deal with the question of homosexuality this time, but it thinks that subject is quite relevant and wants to look at the matter more," says Kobilica.

The Islamic Council, which represents 60,000 Muslims in Norway, is still not willing to say whether it is for or against the death penalty for homosexuals, until the fatwa council has spoken.

"It's very important to have the European fatwa council with us in difficult matters like this. I am not in favour of the death penalty, but there are Islamic texts that various people understand differently. This is why we need to know the attitude of the authority before we make a decision," says Kobilica.

Source: Aftenposten (English)

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Mark Tapson said...

This exemplifies the danger in allowing the separate and parallel legal system of shari'a to gain even a toehold in Europe. Norway and other countries will quickly reach a point where SOME citizens - Muslims - are allowed to kill gays, commit honor killings, marry off their underage children, etc. They will have no incentive to assimilate, they will not participate in the social and political life of European communities, they will not abide by the West's universal rule of law, they will have no allegiance to their adopted country, and so on.

The very fact that Norwegian Muslims are even debating whether gays should be put to death - and that they are looking to a fatwa council, not the law of the land, for the answer - speaks volumes about how their values radically differ from those of the Europeans they live among.

Anonymous said...

EVERYTHING Muslims believe is unacceptable, especially since their twisted version of "morality" is one that has to be imposed from the top-down. It's not a live-and-let-live ideology. It's not even an old-school-Italian-anonymous-letters-to-shame-people ideology. It's a kill-everyone-who-doesn't-practice-our-Dark-Age, genocidal, intolerant, homophobic, woman-hating, parasitic, childhood-destroying ideology. This is what happens when you appease Islam. It just gets more in-your-face and tries to infect every level of society. First it's the gays, then it's the Jews, then it's the media, then it's the feminists, then the Hindus, then the Buddhists, then the Sikhs, then the Christians, then the musicians, and so on until the whole world is Saudi Arabia. But first they came for Piglet.

And Big Shaker, why is it surprising that they should look to a fatwa council for instructions as to how to live their lives or that they have no regard for the law of the land? That's the whole point of a cult. Nobody thinks for him/herself about anything. There are no ideological or political differences. I read some article by Ali Sina about how this family was divided politically and used to have healthy, normal arguments about politics around the dinner table in the spirit of debate and productive discussion. Then they joined Jim Jones' cult, and all their ideological differences disappeared because it was no longer a matter of "this candidate/party is better than this one because ____." It became a matter of "Jim says vote for this guy" and they all agreed all the time. That's how Islam works, except they kill everyone else and each other.

Esther, do you see why I think it's fair to make sweeping assumptions about Muslims? It's not like the Republican party, which has gay-haters and Log Cabin gays, feminists and anti-feminists, Christian fundamentalists and post-Christians, etc. They really are all one evil, dumbass mind, and they look to their evil, dumbass fatwa council for answers as to what to believe and they go to the imam for answers regarding how to manage every aspect of their lives, since the Koran only covers how to shower, how to walk into and out of a bathroom, what to eat, how to have sex, what creepy prayer to say before and after sex, etc., etc., etc.

It actually surprises me that Europeans and Canadians have any regard for the law of the land, since you guys seem to display absolutely zero patriotism or nationalistic sentiment, which I will never understand. It disturbs and saddens me because you have fantastic countries with rich histories of which you should be very proud. You civilized the world, and now you regard having done that as shameful. I've been writing back and forth about Arab imperialism with an Indian girl on Indonesia Matters. She believes that European colonialism didn't go far enough. She made a great point. Look what Britain did for India. They didn't torch their libraries and universities like the Arabs. They enlightened them. Granted, India was already quite civilized by then, but they opened it up to trade and brought all kinds of knowledge and technology, and they also learned quite a bit from the Indians. I came to the conclusion that, had the British stayed in Egypt longer they might actually be reasonably enlightened, civilized, defensible people instead of the ignorant, abusive, evil monsters they prove themselves to be at every endeavor. And no, I don't blame Mubarak, because if they could vote they would elect the damn Muslim Brotherhood, which is even worse and would openly kill off all the Copts as a matter of policy just like they drove every Jew out of Egypt.

FreeSpeech said...

Thing is, Muslims don't think for themselves. They see no reason to use reason. They only use what fits their purpose. The purpose being power.

Mark Tapson said...

"And Big Shaker, why is it surprising that they should look to a fatwa council..."

jdamn13 - I never said it was surprising.

Anonymous said...

freespeech, you can't have un-science without anti-reason.

And big shaker, you're right. I was totally putting words in your mouth.

Do they have the death penalty at all in Europe, EU nations anyway?