Utrecht: Swimming pool to offer separate male swimming lessons

Aquacenter Den Hommel, Utrecht's municipal's swimming pool, will be offering swimming lessons for men, starting September 8th.

Separate swimming for women has existed for a while, but also by man there seemed to be a need for separate lessons.  According to Den Hommel's site this is for men who have never learned to swim since they came to the Netherlands at an older age or due to their cultural background.

The swimming lessons on Monday evening will be given by male swimming instructors.  The demand is very big, says company head Kuipers Weten.  The men are assured that they will not meet women once they have changed into their bathing suits, though they might still meet them while still dressed, by the reception or in the restaurant.

The separation between men and women is limited to the lessons. Special men's or women's hours are not available for whoever finishes learning to swim.

Sources: AD, Aquacenter Den Hommel (Dutch)

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