Oslo: Gay editor gets support from Muslim women

Michael Hartman, editor of the gay magazine Pink Planet, has been subjected to persecution and harassment in the Grønland neighborhood of Oslo. He experienced surprising support from Muslim women.

Hartman lives in Urtegata in Grønland and spends most of his time in this part of Oslo with many Muslim residents. In recent years he has repeated experienced persecution by young Pakistani and Somalis on the street - because he is gay.

Hartman told iOslo.no that these are Pakistani men who drive by in expensive cars, roll down the window and yell curses. He also gets disparaging comments about his sexual orientation. [ed: which I'm not translating].

Last weekend Hartman participated in a seminar on Islam rub by the Tauheed Islam Center and the International Health and Social group at the Hotel Opera. There he voiced his frustration with these incidents and experienced surprising support.

He says he got a lot of sympathy and understanding from Muslim women in the hall. Many stood with tears in their eyes and asked forgiveness on account of the men in their community who do this.

Source: Utrop (Norwegian)


Anonymous said...

And here is another Muslim who finds homophobia abhorent - there are a few of us about!

Unknown said...

Im so fucking sick and tired of those people, why they come here and think we can lives our life the way they want it...fuck know..Pakistani and Somalis or whatever, why dont you just go back to your country, its bad, you dont have a job and taking our taxes, buying nice cares..no this is Oslo Norway, if you dont like us, get the fuck out...a very angry gay man...