Norway: Islamic Council facing loss of funds over homosexuality question

The discussion here is only about how European Muslim should view the death sentence against homosexuals.

The Islamic Council of Norway is a quite radical body, as can be seen from the fact that it had turned to the European Fatwa Council for 'advice'.  as long as the Norwegian government treats it as a representative body of all Muslims, it's encouraging Islamic radicalization in Norway.


"It's of course completely unacceptable not to reject the death sentence for homosexuals.  To take up this debate now is important, not least of consideration to young homosexual Muslim who struggle with their own identity," says the Children and Equality minister Anniken Huitfeldt to Dagsavisen.

The minister is sending a strong signal to the heads of the Islamic Council of Norway that they must distance themselves from the death sentence for homosexuals.

Huitfeldt's party colleague, parliament member Thomas Breen of the justice committee, demands to stop all state financial support to the Islamic council.

"There have been enough opportunities for the Islamic Council to enter the homosexuality debate.  Now it's time that the state stand up for some values and remove all financial support from the organization till they distance themselves," says Breen.

The Islamic Council of Norway says they're waiting for the European Fatwa Council to rule on the question.  The council, which met three weeks ago in Paris, didn't deal with the issue.

The Islamic Council is an umbrella organization for Islamic faith societies and organization in Norway, and is led by Senaid Kobilica.

"I have noticed that the head of the Islamic council himself is against the death sentence for homosexuals.  This shows they're going in the right direction.  I hope that the Islamic Council therefore acts as an instigator for homosexual's standing in Islam and towards the European Fatwa Council," says Huitfeldt.

Thomas Breen stresses that the Islamic Council does an important job for many Muslims in Norway and that he first and foremost wants a debate about the homosexuality issue with the Islamic Council.

"I can understand that the homosexuality issue is difficult, but I don't accept that the Islamic Council can't reject the death sentence which conflicts with basic human rights," says Breen. 

The Culture and Church minister Trond Giske decided last year that the Islamic Council will get half a million kroner in state support.

Parliamentary Secretary in the Culture and Church ministry, Wegard Harsvik, says that they understand the impatience with the Islamic Council but they don't tie financial support to what a faith society or an association of faith societies, like the Islamic Council, think.  He rejects the possibility of using economic sanctions against the Islamic Council.

Former Children and Equality Minister Karita Bekkemellem was in her time in the cabinet very clear that the government shouldn't support organization who carry on with what she thinks is clear discrimination and breaking the law.

Bekkemellem says that it's a misunderstood tolerance from the state's side, and uses the society's money to support opinions which conflict with Norwegian and European principles of justice.  Therefore all state support should be immediately stopped.

She thinks the Islamic Council, but not taking a clear standpoint, are trying to pander to the more extreme powers internally and in the Norwegian Muslim community.

"Why haven't they immediately rejected it?" she asks.

Senaid Kobilica was unavailable for comment.

New named head of the National Association for Lesbian and Homosexual emancipation (LLH), Karen Pinholdt, thinks that the Islamic Council has closed all doors which have been opened for dialog.

Thomas Breen doesn't accept that the Islamic Council can't reject the death sentence.

Source: Dagsavisen (Norwegian)

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Anonymous said...

This is the cost of appeasement. Why is recognizing these genocidal monsters even still on the table, and why on earth are they receiving funding in the first place from the state in a secular nation? And why, if the law of the land is crystal clear on a matter, do they consider consulting the Fatwa Council for advice? Probably because the state appeases them by recognizing them at all after they pull crazy bs like this, when they should simply be shut down for even considering disregarding the law of the land on a matter as trivial as jaywalking, let alone genocide. And it's of course the very civil and human rights laws they seek to violate which they demopathically envoke every time the state does not appease them in every possible way.

FreeSpeech said...

The Fatwa Council has no say in this matter. Human Rights and norwegian laws count. Full stop.

If the muslims ask the Fatwa council then they live on the wrong continent.

Irv said...

Would love to get anyone's opinion of "God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up" which I found on Google. Irv