Spain: Police find European al-Qaeda manual

Spanish police have discovered an internet handbook for al-Qaeda's European cells on the use of remote-controlled bombs against international troops in Lebanon and Afghanistan, the radio station Cadena Ser reported Monday.

The eight-page handbook dating from early July contained detailed instructions on how to stage non-suicide bombings using auto-piloted light aircraft and cars.

The instructions included three different ways to set off aircraft bombs by remote control.

It was the first time that police detected such detailed instructions for al-Qaeda cells, including advice on how to avoid being detected, Cadena Ser reported.

The methods were believed not to have been used in attacks so far.

Source: Monsters and Critics (English), Cadena Ser (Spanish)

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Anonymous said...

I have an Al Qaeda manual. I downloaded it off the Usenet. I really don't see how that's a big deal, unless it actually connects back to a sleeper cell. A sick part of me would love to see that movie they show all the new recruits which apparently flashes gruesome scenes punctuated with 'with blood, with blood, with blood.' Understand your enemy, people.