Belgium: Muslim Executive subsidies renewed

The Belgian Muslim Executive is receiving subsidies again.  They had been taken away since January.   A Royal Order, which appeared yesterday in the Belgian Official Journal, grants the Muslim Executive 150,000 euro.  The money is taken from the federal budget for religions, according to Le Soir.

Minister of Justice Jo Vandeurzen, responsible for the administration of religions, had postponed the granting of subsidies to the Muslim Executive at the end of March, after charges of document forgery, use of forged documents and abuse of public property against the former president of the body.

The new team, lead by imam Semsettin Ugurlu from the Borinage, Limburg resident Mehmet Üstün and Shiite convert Isabelle Praile, was formed at the end of May, together with a new Executive college and the submissoin of a financial plan to the minister.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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