UK: Qatari student killed in attack

A 16-year-old Middle Eastern language school student has died after being beaten up in what police believe was a racially motivated attack.

Mohammed al-Majed, who was from the Gulf state of Qatar, died in hospital on Sunday night from severe head injuries two days after he and his friends were set upon outside a kebab shop in Hastings, East Sussex. Police are treating his death as murder.

Majed, described by friends as "like a brother to everyone", had spent five weeks in Hastings studying English at the EF International Language School. He had been due to return home next week.

He and his friends were set upon as they left a social club for foreign students shortly before midnight on Friday. They were beaten, kicked and pelted with glass bottles by a group of youths, who stamped repeatedly on Majed's head before leaving him for dead.

Majed's room-mate, Majd Al Ghannamah, 19, who suffered a black eye, said the assailants chanted racist abuse during the attack. "They called me Saddam Hussain and Osama Bin Laden. We just wanted to get away, get home, but they attacked and we couldn't get away," he said.

Another student suffered a head injury needing six stitches. "I blame myself for not saving Mohammed, but where I come from, we are not used to this kind of thing happening. At home, we never need to defend ourselves like that," said the boy, who did not want to be named.


Source: Guardian (English)


VampireJack said...

It's sad that he died but I find it amazing that whenever a Muslim is attacked by non Muslims in the UK it's "always" a race-hate crime.
But whenever it's Muslims - ahem - "Asians as our press puts it" who attack the infidel then it's nothing to do with race - it's just a standard attack. Oh, and then it's usually the fault of the person attacked.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Lee. The media narrative is a double standard that ultimately diminishes the fact that a murder has been committed. The takeaway is that an agenda driven media is the bigger threat to society. It's most unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

That's why we get our news from blogs and not the MSM. What they don't cover is more telling than what they do. They're 10 years from extinction.

Esther said...

As it happens, I get 99% of my news from the MSM. Without the mass media, I wouldn't have what to blog about.

Anonymous said...

Hi Esther,

I've cancelled my cable and I never visit traditional newssites anymore. You do get your your news from the MSM, but you also get it from IslamOnline and other sources. Plus, most of your posts deal either with stories which are presented in the MSM or are presented as commentary on the MSM. JihadWatch, Augean Stables, and AtlasShrugged rarely get their news from the MSM and if they do they do it as commentary on what wasn't printed/aired, and I would consider them to be more informative and more credible than I would the MSM. I read your blog because you do such an amazing job of covering so much ground - and in so many different languages - in so little space. It's understandable in your case, but I don't think it's necessary in order to provide most younger people with what they would consider to be the real news. You have your own unique angle on it, and it's an incredibly informative one. But what amazes me is that if you watch the international news in the US you never see any of the stories I read about in here, so the MSM is failing and I do not chalk that up to the language barrier thing.

Btw, did you ever post this story: ?

Esther said...


Thank you. I still think that the mass media brings us most stories. It might not be the US mass media, but the general European impression is that the US mass media only publishes news about the US, so there's nothing new in that.

I referred to it in my weekly review. There are several countries in Europe where publishers have bought the rights to the book.

Anonymous said...

I agree that CNN certainly has its American angle, but Internet news generally isn't like that. I actually did a project on this, and traditional newssites are less self-centered in the US than in Europe. One reason for this is because GoogleNews, for instance, IS US GoogleNews, but they have,, etc. There's no It takes you to the main search page.

I did a content analysis of different websites in response to the same story, which dealt with a bus crash in Egypt. The US/world headlines were all along the lines of '17 killed in Egyptian bus crash.' The Italian headlines? '2 Italians killed in Egyptian bus crash.' The French press? '3 French killed in Egyptian bus crash.' US news avoids the Islam issue, but it's not just Islam. I never heard about South Ossetia in the MSM before Russia invaded, but Pam Gellar predicted it 6 months ago, right down to Obama's reaction and how old those Russian tanks would be. The MSM's liberal bias causes it to avoid the war in Iraq, terrorism at home, how Democrats are f-ing up big time, etc., etc. I've seen CNN Europe. It makes US CNN look like FoxNews. I read on JihadWatch yesterday that FoxNews ran a completely uninformative story on Sharia finance. Spencer posted it because it was the first time the MSM covered Sharia finance, except for maybe a couple of articles buried way in the back of the Wall Street Journal.

I agree that MSM brings us stories, inasmuch as the AP and Reuters bring us stories, but what the traditional media outlets do with that content is generally quite pitiful, irrelevant, and uninformative. That's why I read blogs. I would never have access to most of the stories I read on here anywere in the MSM that's available to me in papers and on TV. Talk radio does a good job, though. That's the last bastion of real news in the MSM, but even they get too caught up in politics, and ignore the important stories, especially during an election season.

I never got the 'Jewel of Medina' story through the MSM and I spent all last week at my dad's house, where FoxNews is on 24/7. I think it's safe to assume that the liberal media didn't cover it. I got it in mailers from ACT and Daniel Pipes first, then in here, then on Phyllis Chesler's blog.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good reason to shun the MSM:

They not just apologists for sheer, unadulterated evil anymore. They're in cahoots with terrorists and they funnel them money that was donated to sick children!

Was I surprised to read this about the BBC? Yeah, not because it happened, but because the story came out.