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Late this week.. but here's the roundup. 

Two studies in the news this week.  A study in Stockholm reveals that there's a demand for virginity operations in the city.  Among those who want to do the operation are women who've been raped and wish to conceal the fact.  The full report will be published in 2009.  In Denmark a PHD student wrote a thesis about Danish imams, discovering that there are all sorts.

Radicalism and Terrorism

A British think tank published a disputed study about Islamic extremism on British campuses.  The study shows a significant number of Muslims would want Sharia law in Muslims and would justify killing to protect their religion.

A jury in London reached a deadlock in the trial of three Muslims accused of helping the July 7 bombers.  The case is probably going to a retrial.  Meanwhile, a top military officer says that British Muslims are fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

In France 11 young Kurds, suspected of being PKK sympathizers, are to be tried for attacks on Turks.


Finland is considering legalizing male circumcision, based on the child's consent.  The practice is carried out by both Jews and Muslims, though Jewish children undergo the operation when they're eight days old, making consent difficult.

In Denmark there's a shortage of immigrant sperm donors, making life difficult for infertile immigrants.

In the Netherlands, just less than half the population think doctors should take religious concerns into account when treating patients.


In the Netherlands a man was sent to prison for polygamy.  Denmark is changing its procedure for family reunification of cousin spouses since the courts disagree that cousin-marriages are by default forced marriages.

Sharia Finance

Another Sharia compliant insurance company opens up in the UK.  A British Islamic bank is thinking of opening a branch in Sweden.


An attack on gays in Stockholm turned out to be anti-Swedish as well.  A Swedish politician got embroiled in a racism complaint, though it's unclear exactly why.

In its annual conference, a British teacher's union rejected a motion saying opening faith schools would be divisive.

A discrimination suit by Muslim baggage handlers in France was dismissed.

Amr Khaled, a leading Egyptian Muslim preacher accuses enemies of Islam of wanting to drive out Muslims from Europe, or to provoke them enough that they'll be banished.  Apparently not something to worry about for long, as he says they'll be a majority in 20 years.  Khaled also said that Europeans don't know anything about Islam.  Channel 4 is trying to change that.  In the UK Shia Muslims are upset at their depiction in a documentary about the Koran.


* Muslims in Bosnia demand the aboliton of the Serb Republika Srpska.

* In Brussels asylum seekers are climbing cranes, trying to force the goverment to give them residence permits.

* Beef sausages in France contain more than just beef.

* A woman claiming to be one of the last Moors is living in France.

* Hijab styles are garnering attention.


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