Sweden: Politician complaint says thief was Muslim, accused of racism

Camilla Lindberg, Liberal People's Party parliamentarian, has lodged a complaint by the police Saturday saying that a man had stolen her wallet. In her complaint she said that the man was a Muslim and took her wallet only because she's Jewish.

During a private party in the old city of Stockholm she discovered her wallet was missing. Later that evening a man who was at the party called her up and said that he had her wallet. He said she could get it back in exchange for VIP tickets to the Pride Festival, says Lindberg.

She says she was very upset when she made her complaint and told police that they've had a heated discussion about the Israel-Palestine issue, but she she never said what the police claim she says, says Lindberg. She says it's completely absurd since she's not even Jewish.

She says that she told the police half-jokingly, half-seriously that the man took the wallet because of their discussion about Israel.

She thinks the police may have misunderstood her, since it was a long talk and she spoke with several different people. Since she's a parliament member it was a little more complicated. She says that she maybe should have expressed herself more clearly to the police.

Linderberg later got her wallet after giving the man a VIP ticket. She says they met on Saturday, she gave him the ticket and got her wallet, but didn't say a word to each other.

The man denies he stole the wallet and claims he found it in the street. Lindberg informed the police that her wallet was returned and the investigation was therefore closed.

Abd al Haqq Kielan, head of the Swedish Islamic Assembly says that the complaint was a serious record of poor judgment and is an anti-Muslim attack. She should consider whether she can continue being a parliament member for the People's Party, he says.

Abd al Haqq Kielan is surprised by the phrasing of Lindberg's complaint and says that people shouldn't speak this way. It fuels anti-Muslims and racists. He thinks the story will get back at Lindberg and the whole party.

It also causes suspicions against the People's Party, people wonder now what kind of opinions are discussed in their internal meetings. People ask themselves whether it's Lindberg's real opinion that's come out when she's upset.

He thinks that Lindberg's police complaint will be discussed in many places, and that he himself will take it up in the Muslim reference group at the discrimination ombudsman, to which he belongs.

He says it's a popular excuse for the most part, but that at some point people must take responsibility for what they say. She should consider whether she should represent the People's Party in parliament.

Sources: Expressen 1, 2, Aftonbladet (Swedish)


Anonymous said...

This just another story that makes Sweden look like a very unserious and 'detached from reality' sort of place - but in a very dark and oppressive sort of way.

It's a shame that good people must live with such bureaucratic nonsense hanging over their heads. But in the end, they get what they settle for. The responsibility for their condition is ultimately their own.

Esther said...

Hi chalons,

Something about this story certainly seems completely detached from reality.

Freedom's Cost said...

The head of the Swedish Islamic Assembly puts the blame for the whole thing on the victim and dares represent his people as victim. He shows no concern that a co-religionist of his, took Ms Lindberg's wallet (I thought stealing is a crime according to the Quran!) This is a symbol of the twilight zone area - where right is wrong, wrong is right - that Muslim/European relations are steadily moving into.

Esther said...

Hi Freedom's Cost,

Who said the thief was Muslim? After all, we know Lindberg is not Jewish, yet that's what the police wrote in their report. I'm not clear at all about this story.

Esther said...

I realized my subject line was misleading. I changed it, until I figure out what she did or didn't say.

Anonymous said...

Freedom's cost, that's the price of relativism. First it's cultural, then it's moral, then it's ethical, and now it's legal. At universities it's even intellectual and academic. This is the problem I encounter as a victim of harassment on the basis of religion, national origin, and gender by Muslims at my university. Nobody want to piss them off. It's like appeasing them is all they know how to do. But a Title VII violation is a title VII violation, and theft is theft. At least the cops have my back, even if the politically-correct back-stabbers don't.

And when will Europeans stop talking about Islam as if it were a race, and people who dislike Islam as racists? It's not a race, and Muslims are racists. "Pushing the Jews into the sea" is racist genocide. Arab colonialism in Sudan is racist genocide. Raping Swedish girls for being blonde is racist. And having a problem with Islam is HUMAN. It's civilized. It's decent. It's right.