List of Mosques in Europe

* Mosques around the world
* Mosques in Europe


* Mosques in Belgium (list 1)
* Mosques in Belgium (list 2)
* Mosques in Belgium (list 3)
* Mosques in Belgium (search) - is marked as an attack site, use at your own risk
* Mosques in Brussels
* Recognized mosques in Wallonia


* Muslim groups in Aarhus
* Mosques in Denmark (list 1)
* Mosques in Denmark (list 2)
* Mosques in Denmark (list 3)
* Muslim associations in Denmark
* Muslim organizations in Denmark
* Muslim organizations in Denmark (and here)


* Mosques in France (by region, town)
* Mosques in the Lyons area


* Mosques in Germany


* Mosques in Italy


* Mosques in the Netherlands (by city/province, offers extensive info)
* Mosques in the Netherlands (by province)


* Mosques in the Oslo area (by ethnicity)
* Mosques in other areas of Norway
* Muslim organizationsLink

* Mosques in Spain


* Mosques in Stockholm
* Muslim organizations


* Mosques and Muslim organizations in Switzerland
* Muslim orgs in Switzerland


* Mosques in Great Britain

Updated: July 17, 2011


Mark Tapson said...

Wow. Interesting and useful. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great post, thanks.

nunya said...

Sooooo not jelaous of Europe in that respect

Esther said...

Thanks, everybody.

Nunya - this is a very partial list. There are estimated to be about 1200 mosques in the US.

nunya said...

Yeah, but it's tougher for them to remain ghettoized with welfare reform. The government doesn't tax, but they don't fund churches, mosques or temples. There's more pressure to feed yourself and fit in.

nunya said...

Of course I have these freaking idiots banging on my door all the time.

I wish people would keep their religion to themselves and leave me alone about it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nunya, that Indiana mosque, owned by ISNA (a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot), just happens to be two blocks up the street from the Muslim Brotherhood's national headquarters.

And Esther, you're right that that can't possibly be a complete list, but a lot of Muslims congregate in pseudo-mosques. In Bloomington, Indiana, for example, they meet at the Islamic Center of Bloomington, which they USE as a mosque, but which is actually just an old house near campus. So the 1200 figure is an exaggeration if you only include real mosques, but yeah, that list is still too short.

Nunya, I get the Jehovah's Witnesses. And I always have something on the stove that's about to burn.

Sarfaraz M Manik said...

great. For more on the mosques around the world visit: Pictures of Mosques

Vilag mecsetei said...

For mosque pictures around the world check out this website:

Prinz Tiyo said...


Hi, I'm Tiyo from Indonesia. I feel impressed to find this blog. I've just posted a brief profile of Masjid Gazi Husrev-beg in Sarajevo, then took a blog walk to see if there's any information about the notable masjids (I'd rather say it than "mosque", I'm sorry); here I am finding what I looked for. Thank you very much for that