Switzerland: Proposal for Muslim official holidays

Markus Ries, a professor of church history at the University of Lucerne, is suggesting to give two-three days of official holidays to minorities in Switzerland, instead of some of the current holidays.

Ries was interviewed on Surseer Woche where he said that the Feast of the Assumption (Aug. 15th) is only celebrated by a small minority and for the most part is just a welcome day off in the Catholic areas.  Why not give two days off for two biggest Muslim holidays, he asks, making Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha official holidays.

Ries is aware that his proposal doesn't stand a chance.  He thinks his proposal had advantages for ecumenism, saying on Schweizer Radio DRS that everybody should be able to practice his religion.

Source: Blick (German)


Mark Tapson said...

"...everybody should be able to practice his religion."

Everybody IS able to practice his religion in the West, unlike in Muslim lands. What he's proposing is different - he's saying that some state holidays, in a country that is nearly 80% Christian and only 4% Muslim, should be replaced by Muslim holidays. Although, it's hard to tell from this whether he wants to replace some current holidays or simply add new official holidays for all minorities (which would be just ludicrous - EVERY day would be a holiday). But let's get real - this professor didn't mention Buddhists or animists or anyone else, only Muslims, so that's his obvious agenda, pandering to the Muslim minority. "See how 'ecumenical' we Europeans are? How eager we are to abandon our Judeo-Christian roots and embrace other religions? Well, not all other religions, but Islam? We're so nice and non-bigoted and non-Islamophobic that we're willing to replace our holidays with yours! Please don't kill us now."

And a professor of church history, too - he ought to be ashamed of himself. But of course, the only thing he's ashamed of is his own religion and culture.

Anonymous said...

You guys should boycott every company that gives employees Muslim holidays off and bombard their customer service switchboards. Tyson just tried to do that and they had to shut down their phones because they got so many call from people bitching out their CSRs. They gave the Muslims the Eid holiday off just this year and they will never give employees another Muslim holiday off, but they get one personal holiday, which they had before anyway. They also fired their union because people became aware of who was calling the shots and they refused to stop boycotting until Tyson cleaned house.

Of course I go to Indiana Dhimmi Universitystan (2 more semesters and counting off the days) where we don't have classes on Fridays in order to appease you-know-who.

soubane said...

Why are you aggressive?
Tell me What Muslims did to you ?
I know for sure that the media is playing with ur mind. Think before you act. Every religions should have celebrate their days. n have official days off.
Islam is it just not religion,but also a way of life. ect...

Iftikhar Ahmad said...
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