Denmark: Danes more opposed to mixed marriages than Muslims

Only 38% of Danes agree that their children will marry Muslims, according to a study by CatinĂ©t Research og Analyse Danmark. On the Muslim side, 48% would agree to a Danish son or daughter in law, reports journal Ugebrevet A4.  16% of Danes and 14% of Muslims oppose mixed friendships among children.

According to integration consultant Fahmy Almajid the numbers show that Danes generally aren't good at letting foreigners come closer and that the lack of integration is not just the fault of immigrants.

Almajid told Ugebrevet A4 that people always accuse the immigrants and reproach them for not wanting to integrate, but at the same time people turn their backs to them and tell them that they're not 'part of us'.  That is why we have a parallel society today, says Almajid.

Source: Berlingske (Danish)


GreenieMax said...

This clearly shows how closed minded are Danes.

Anonymous said...

The consensus in Islam is pretty clear, a muslim man can marry a non muslim woman but a muslim woman can’t marry a non muslim man there is no ambiguousness about that the ruling is definite. If the “Muslims” in Denmark think its OK that their daughters marry non Muslims they aren’t Muslims.

The research is somewhat strange, on one side it ask if Danes would like their children to marry into an authoritarian religious sect that is totalitarian ruled by the absolute word of an imaginary supernatural being that is not to be questioned in any way, a sect that officially endorse the killing of apostates. On the other side members of this sect is asked if their children could marry someone of Danish nation origin without further specification of beliefs and so on.

The issue can’t objectively be dealt with whiteout touching the gender limitations that there is.