Denmark: Danish citizens active in terrorism abroad

Many people who are either Danish citizens or have legal residency in Denmark are involved in terror-related activities abroad and will be more closely monitored, according to intelligence agency PET.

In its 2007 annual report, the agency stated that the number of such cases is increasing and called the development 'disturbing'.

PET mentions Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and Lebanon as countries Danish residents are often using to conduct terror-related activities. The involvement can be direct or indirect, such as financial assistance or the passing on of information, according to the agency.

The report points to the three recent terror trials in Denmark - the Vollsmose, Glasvej and Glostrup cases - as evidence that foreign-based terror groups have contacts inside Denmark. In addition, the report warned of independent terror networks existing within Denmark itself.

PET also indicated that Denmark's participation in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has put more focus on the country as a target for terror organisations.

Jakob Scharf, head of PET, said creating a dialogue with the more radical groups – which tend to be of Muslim background – was a part of prevention efforts, even if the dialogue was based on disagreement. He said the UK's tactic of finding contacts that have influence over young people was of vital importance.

In addition to addressing terrorism, the report also showed that organised crime was increasing in Denmark, primarily in connection with narcotics.

Source: Copenhagen Post (English)

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Anonymous said...

Danish citizens? or Danes?

After reading the article, I still think that the Danes are a good lot, but Danish citizens a little less so. I can't let the bad apples ruin the reputation of all.

Mark Tapson said...

"the more radical groups – which tend to be of Muslim background –"

"Tend to be"? Um, what OTHER terrorist groups are operating out of Denmark - the ETA? The Tamil Tigers? I don't think so. It's stupid and patronizing that they tip-toe around the truth by sugar-coating this reference to ISLAMIC terrorists.

And if the Danes are going to emulate the British approach to combating Islamic extremism, they're doomed.

Anonymous said...

Big Shaker, as with honor killings, it simply goes without saying that it's Muslims who are terrorists. The Tamil Tigers and a few small Hindu groups, both of which only operate in tiny pockets of South Asia, are the only other kinds of terrorist organizations which operate today. If it were communists or white supremacists or something, whoever carried it out would be mentioned in the headline. I would also imagine that if there's narcotic trafficking that these terrorists would likely have Taliban connections. 90% of the world's opium comes from Afghanistan, and you know where all that money goes. Just follow the money and the IP addresses. They always lead the way. I also don't think that the Danes are willing to bend over like the British. Geert Wilders' party gains seats with each election. I sincerely doubt that the Brits would vote in another Labor candidate after Gordon Brown, but what do I know. I actually think that Gordon Brown wil end up resigning before the end of his term. The general trend in Europe actually seems to be toward more conservative candidates, what with Sarkozy and Berlusconi and all. I didn't follow the British elections but I doubt that any candidate took a strong stance regarding terrorism, immigration, or national security. but again, what do I know?