Denmark: Forced marriage increasing problem for men

Immigrant men have begun to seek help for problem with forced marriage, similarly to women, according to reports from two of Denmark's shelter for men in Kolding and Copenhagen together with the National Counseling for Foreigners in Aarhus.

Grethe from Horsen's Shelter for Men says that foreign men suffer threats of violence or worse, similarly to women, and that it is serious.  The 16 volunteers at the shelter keep their names secret so they won't be followed after work.

In Copenhagen the center head Thorkild Vestergaard-Hansen says that the problem is increasing.

At the Counseling for Foreigners in Aarhus says Leif Randeris that arranged marriages are an increasing problem also for men as gradually the descendants of immigrants integrate into Danish society and follow Danish norms.

Source: Kristeligt Dagblad (Danish)

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FreeSpeech said...

Good news. So we need shelters for men in other countries.

Esther said...

Hi FreeSpeech,

I know that in the Netherlands they've opened such shelters.

Snake Oil Baron said...

Interesting. I wonder if some of the resistance to "traditional" cultural practices might translate into more resistance to Islam in general.