Denmark: I love Allah

A new exhibit by Danish artist Michael Brammer, focusing on logos:

A quest
to be tolerant and respectful of cultures that you are not familiar with.

Do you dare proclaim your love?


The logo, I love Allah, has been created with a view to create greater tolerance overall - using a western logo to show acceptance of Muslims

10% of the surplus from the sales of these works will go to The Muslim Aid Federation.

Source: Brammer Gallery (English/Danish), ht/ Uriasposten (Danish)


Anonymous said...

"greater tolerance' essentially means diluting and diminshing your own iddentity.

The notion will leave you much weaker at the end of the day, not by accident but rather becuase that is the goal.

Both Orwell and Huxley warned us of this.

Mark Tapson said...

How offensive that this "artist" deems it necessary to promote tolerance toward "unfamiliar cultures" among his fellow Danes, who have been under Islamist assault ever since the cartoon debacle, one of the most lunatic episodes of intolerance in recent memory.

I've said this many, many times - it's not the West that needs to be lectured on tolerance. We're the most tolerant culture in the history of civilization. It's militant Islam that is at precisely the opposite end of that spectrum.

Anonymous said...
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Esther said...

Hi Mberenis,

If you have a related link, you're welcome to publish it, but don't add a comment just to get a link to a non-related service..