Marseilles: Muslim community divided over high school

The upcoming opening of a Muslim high school in Marseilles, the 4th in France, is fanning controversy, also within the Muslim community.

A school that will open only at the beginning of 2009 is causing much debate in Marseilles.  It concerns the Muslim school, which will be the fourth of its type.  Part of the Muslim community asks for this institution, but another, in particular the religious authorities, refuses and denounces the division of the community.

Thus the grand mufti of Marseilles, Soheib Bencheikh, opposes the project.  he says he doesn't see any efficiency in a purely Islamic school. the public school offers them all the opportunities for a valuable citizenship, as all French, and the parents are free to send their children to Koran school to teach them Arabic and the basics of Islam.
Abderramane Ghoule, responsible for the project, plays down the tensions within the Muslim community.  He says that people get confused when speaking of an Islamic school.  They think that it's a school that gives lessons in Arabic and Islam.  It's an approved high school  with maximum one to or two hours dedicated to Muslim culture.  He says it has nothing to do with Koran or Islamic schools.  This school is approved and teaches a program approved by the academy, as do all the high schools in France.

Source: RMC (French), h/t Le Blog Laiciste

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Anonymous said...

The Grand Mufti is right. Who's more successful, madrassa-educated Muslims (since 'Islamic' schools are basically madrassas in terms of the curriculum, only with desks and no chains, beatings, or Saudi-mandated child molestation) or Jewish kids who go to real school all day and then go to Hebrew school in the afternoon? Compare the proportion of Jews on welfare (0%)to Muslims on welfare (95+% in the US) and you have your answer.

Esther said...

Hi jdamn13,

I know many Jews who go to Jewish school all day. I don't know anybody who goes to 'real' school and then goes to 'Jewish' school in the afternoon.

As for your statistics - you have a source?

Iftikhar Ahmad said...
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