Lyons: Gynecologist attacked by husband

The ironic thing is that both doctor and husband probably came from the same country, originally.  In fact it seems that quite a few of the people involved in making this report have a North African name.


France 2 reported in its nightly news that 15 days ago a doctor was again attacked by a Muslim husband.  David Benayoun, a gynecologist at the Hôtel-Dieu in Lyons, stepped to help in a complicated delivery.  The Muslim husband tried to prevent him and the police was called in to let the doctor finish the procedure.  A doctor was assaulted with a knife in the same hospital several months ago.  The report mentioned that the medical staff were stressed.

Video (in French) by Bivouac ID.

Source: Le Blog Laiciste (French)


Anonymous said...

A good trait of surgeons is that they have very little patience when they are working.
They are not trained to listen the patients or the family. It is their way or the way out.

Anonymous said...

"And when you are unable to be grateful to the people that saved your life there is no hope." -Brigitte Gabriel

The Muslim concept of "honor"-as-substitute for morality is such evil rubbish. Why would you go to a hospital to have the baby delivered if you're not going to let the doctors do their work?